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June 14, 2017

Super Impressed!

Jason of Shine, gave me the opportunity to experience his indie brand. I don't use the word 'experience' lightly. The brand is a complete package from first contact to wearing Shine polish on your nails.

Jason exhibits his passion for his brand and his customers with the great amount of care and detail to packaging and product.

In my review package he included a personal thank you letter, product detail sheets, his 'about us' story, and insight to how he creates.
The products arrived displayed on a crisp white foam board backing covered in a designer paper, both custom cut to fit the products and then professionally shrink wrapped. The bottles are also secured to the display board with easy to remove glue, and a nail file which prevents shifting and clanking during shipment.

This is the first time I've received such a nicely packed box from an indie brand. It definitely has a high end boutique or salon feel to it.

It doesn't stop there though, the overcap on the polish can be removed to reveal a grippy cap for easier polishing, and the brand label is bold and easy to read. The square bottles are quite classy too.  Formula was excellent and I love that the overcap comes off to make polishing a breeze. xoxojen.com. 
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